Thursday, February 2, 2012

Going to Hamilton

On Friday the 23th of December, I went to Hamilton with some of my family. We were going to see the christmas lights. It feels like a long journey to Hamilton. When we all finally made it to Hamilton we were all very tired. As we started to walk to the entrance, all of us kids got so excited , we forgot how tired we were. I took a photo of my two cousins Jessica and her sister Tasha in front of a tree near the entrance. I took a pohot of a tree that had light on it and I could not see the light on the camera because of the flash. My second photo was my nana Lito really liked the photo I took of my nana. All of the trees around us had lights on it, it looked so colourful and beautful.We all walked up to the temple and took some photo of the temple.Then we went down to take some famliy photos like all of the kids take a photo.After we finished we went to eat at burger king. Oh thats right I took my own camera.

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