Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Alexandria Goals

Move my maths level up to year seven or maybe eight because I am a little bite behind . Also I need to Learn my time tables up to 12 and my decimals also I think I need to learn my take aways.

To Make This Maths Gaol Work
I am going to try and do my time tables at home every day or every time before I go to bed.To try and learn more about decimal at school.

Get better at reading longer words.Also I am going to try read everyday at home.Oh and even move my reading level up to year eight or sevens.

Make sense I think that is all.

To Make My Writing Goal Come True.
I post things on to my blog that helps me get better at my writing.Also I am going to try do some writing at home. Even if I don’t right now, but I am going to try and start practicing my writing.
SportsGoing to try and sign up for every sports.Also try and start doing running or riding the bike I think.

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