Monday, February 20, 2012

First day Of Netball With Liz

Thursday the 9th of February was room 22 first day of netball with Liz. We went to the court and Liz told us about what we were going to do.Then she told us to find a place to stand.She came around to look where we were standing she moved some people to stand in a different place like she told me.

The lesson we started with was passing the ball to our partner my partner was Hossanh. Then started doing bounce passing I think that what it called.After that we got into groups we had to jump and the other side group the person in the front had to pass the ball. When you jump over this thing that I don’t know what it called.I had so much fun doing netball lesson with Liz

I was more happier than ever when got into a game. It was year sevens against year eights.It was Serena,me,Jessica,and I don’t know who the other peoples names in the same team as me.We keep on getting lots of goal by team work.We were winning that Liz helped the year eights team.

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