Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Sane Brithday

On Saturday I went to Sane birthday withSerena,Jessica,Mary,Selina,Farra,and of course Sane.Farra and Sanes mom wasdriving, we were going to Skate land Paradise.We finally got to skate landparadise when we walked in the door we all walked to the counter.Ilooked inside the door and saw a girl she had blade skates on and she was skating onICE.
I didn't know my size of shoes to tell to the lady.I got skate's that I didn'tnow what size it was and it was a perfect fit. As I walked over to theice I was so sacred that I went back and waited for Serena and Jessica alsoSane.When we were all on the ice me and Jessica was sacred of fallingdown Because of the ice.
I finally got the hang of riding skates on ice it wasreally cool.Then I started to go fast and I had fun going really fast.Therewere some people that I don't know using these metal thing to balance on them when riding.We started to steel some other peoples metal thing to see how it felt.We had so much fun that we started to steel some more for all of us touse one.It wasn't me steeling other people things.When they got it I just played with them not steel them.
When people went off the ice and left there riding thing on the side of thewall.One of us will skate and and skate on the side of the wall and just pick it up and use it.I am not going to tell you who was the one who took other peoples things you have to guess your self .Here are the people that went to Sanes birthday.Serena,Jessica,Mary,Alexandria,Selina,Farra andSane.Try and guess who stole other peoples thing and here is a clue it was more than one person.

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