Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pacific Festival

Sorry for no picture it couldn't work.
Saturday the 10th of March there was a Pacifica festival next to the Motal.I
was dancing because the youth group I was in had to dance.When I got there with
my mom and dad we took a walk around.It was like every island was selling hangi.
I had so much fun look at new things.Oh when we started walking around
there was this man play a flute wearing a horse mask. As we were walking I saw a bird that I haven't seen befor except for a pokeko.
We finally made it to the niuean stage there was lots of people at the niuean stage.We found our way though the crowd I saw my youth group and went to sit with them.

A pretty girl was dancing to a island song she was really good.When she finished she got changed into a different dress and danced to different song.She finally was finish when she was it was our turn to dance.We did the lords prayer and the solider dance.It was really shaming because people started to leave when we danced.When we finished I went off really fast.
I went to my mum and she went to get some thing to eat.We ate hangi I didn't really eat becuase I didn't like it that much.When we finished eating ymmum and dad went to pick my bother claude up from school he goes to boarding school I don't know what the name is sorry.I went looking around with my cousin and friend there were some people giving free lollie pops out so went to get some and got lots it was so funny.
We went back and had to leave to go home, we caught the bus home.

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