Friday, March 16, 2012

Best Time At Camp.

My high highlight was playing captain on deck with Mr Harris It was really hard because there was lots of new things.For example man over board you had to find a partner and one person had to lay on there tummy and the other putting there foot on there back.

My down highlight it was throw the egg. Me and Serena were partners for this game.When we started throwing the egg I was really sacred that it will crack on me.It kept on getting harder and harder because Serena had to keep on moving backwards. Finally the cracked on some on and that person was me.

Sticky smelly Egg dripping throw my fingers.With some on my head trying to wipe most of it on the grass which didn't work.Going to the toilet and meeting up with Oshania walking to the toilets two to wash the egg off her head.

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