Monday, July 8, 2013

Should Pitbulls Be Banned In New Zealand? NO

Should Pit bulls Be Banned In New Zealand? NO

Even though Pit bulls dogs have heaps of reports about attacks on other dogs or people even their owner. Doesn't mean that they are bad to have around. Pit bulls are just like any other dogs, they have to be trained to behave and listen. If a Pit Bull grows up to be an aggressive dog and attack people or other pets.

It’s not their fought because the influence that their owner gives them doesn't help.Mostly if they teach it to fight or attack other dogs, or even kill. It won’t help the dog because it will just get more and more into hurting and killing people and other pets.

Also if they put their Pit Bull into fights with other dogs just to get money or drugs.They are teaching their dogs to attack and kill for what they want. Then if his Pit Bull loses  he decides to beat his dog up and the dog fights back and hurts his owner really bad.

Then the Owner complains and want’s to put the dog down.But its not the dogs fought it is the influence that the owner does to it or teach’s it.That is why I think that Pit Bulls shouldn't be banned.

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