Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Escape Children Of The Holocaust

Recently I have been reading a book called Escape Children Of The Holocaust. The reason why I wanted to tell you about this book is that it shocked me witnessing the suffering and pain that Jewish kids and family's went through.When there homes were being invaded by Germans and they had to work as slaves for there life. Imprisoned by Germans where they watch other people from there family and the same religion being slaughtered or beaten for nothing. Obeying orders for there own survival and trying there best to make through without water food and living with rodents around them. Which doesn't make much easier when you can catch diseases that can kill you in a instant. 
This is one of the most heart breaking stories that I have read. There are lots of things in this story that made me nearly cry. This is the first book that has ever made me nearly cry. I hope that you get to read this book and witness the thing that Jewish kids and family have been through. Remember to have tissue next to you when reading this book. Because I know that it will make you cry.

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  1. It was a tragic era in time for sure Alexandria. So was the author a Holocaust survivor?
    It;s great to see you reading so much, was this your Duffy Book? You know you have read a good story when it can make you really laugh or cry.
    Keep up the reading and growing your mind.
    Mrs Nua


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