Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ice Cream Comment

Did you know that a comet is made out of ice cream?(Just jokes)It is really made out of rocks,ice,and gas.Can you believe that the comets tail is not always at the back,when the comet is coming near the sun the tail is at the back.But when it passes the sun the tail is in the front.It is like the tail has to stay away from the sun I think.

As we were all waiting I really wanted to start,because when we finish making our comment we could eat it our comment .Mr Sommerville and Miss Garden had just finish and that mean that we were able to start now.We were all siting up to go first,I was lucky that Miss garden picked me and some other people to go first.When we got I got my Ice cream in my hand it was already melting so I had to start moving outside.

I was given duct for my ice cream so I started to roll it around my ice cream.When I was finish I got a cone.The dust wasn't real dust it was biscuit crumbs,Hundreds and thousands,also chocolate sprinkles.When I took my first lick is was really nice, that it made me wanting to have more dust on my ice cream.

Then there were the boys turn to put there dust on their ice cream,as they got their dust they kept no scavenging for more
dust. Lucky that Mr Sommerville was there because there wouldn't be any for other people.I poked my thump into my cone and it made a hole in my cone.

These are thing you can use to make a comment out of ice cream
Dust-biscuit crumbs,Hundreds and thousands,also chocolate sprinkles.
Tail- cone
Also ice cream.
If you want to make a comment ice cream you just have to follow the things that I have route down.
I hope you in joy having a comment ice cream.

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