Monday, November 21, 2011

Being The Only Year Six At School Day Four

This is Friday the 18th of November today at school with Mr Slade we had tennis.Our coach was Marcel he is very good at playing tennis.We got to play king of court the people that was in my group were my friends and cousins we had to challenge each other.Vanessa was the winner in our group.I was sad that I lost But happy that my friend Vanessa won.

After morning tea time we got free time on you tube or Math Whizz it is where pt england kids that are year five and up to year eight learn new thing and improve in their maths.I was having a challenge with my friend Makalita, It was really fun having a challenge with her.Today was the best day out of all of them.

Sorry about posting this late.

This is the end because the six's are coming back from camp

I am sad because I will miss painting with rm 18 year 7's and doing fun worksheet.

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