Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Athletics Day

Today Wednesday the 23rd of November I can't believe that it is nearly Christmas.Today was the day that Pt England are in the house colors the colors are blue,green,red and yellow. We had to challenge people that are in our age groups I was in the eleven years old.

The eleven year old did Javelin which I didn't come any where in because it was really hard.Also shoot put,softball throw, 100m race,75m race and something that I forgot that started with disc. The only thing that I am good at was racing ,but I am not that fast at racing because I come 4th,3rd,.My goal was to come first seems that I wasn't fast enough,I will keep on trying to make my goal come true and try to get faster than I am now.

I wounder how you did in athletics ,I think you did way better than me.

I hope you in enjoyed my story.

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