Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What Year Six Going To Do At Camp Benzon

I am not going to camp, so the other people that are going to camp are going to have a lot of fun.They will be doing fun activity's all day long.

Camp Benzon is in the North cove.The only way that you can get to Camp Benzon is by a ferry.

I am not going to camp, so I do not know what I am looking forward to do.But I know that they are going to do sailing and eat yummy food.They have there own chief and he will wake up at 4:00am to cook bread for them to eat in the morning.

A challenge for me is sailing.But I don’t know if sailing is going to be a challenge because I am not going to camp.It sounds really hard to me.

I wish that I could go to camp but I am not allowed because of my ex mar.
Have you been to Camp Benzon ?


  1. Alexandria
    I have been to Camp Bentzon and I went three times, but I was not allowed to do any of the fun things because I am a teacher so I had to watch the students do them and keep an eye on them to make sure that everyone was safe. While its a shame that you couldn't go to Camp it will give you an opportunity to do some special things while the other students are away, and you will need to make sure that you write about them and publish them on your blog so that everyone can read about them! Which will be something that I will be looking forward to doing.
    Mr Webb, Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato.

  2. Hi Alexandria, I agree with Mr Webb! You will have to post all the amazing things that you get to do over the time the other students are at camp, so that you can share them with everyone! I'll be back to check out what you've been up to!

    Miss Signal, Electric 8

  3. Hi Alexandria,
    I didn't get to go to Camp Benzon because I was reading a cool blog post by a talented 10 year old student from Rm 17 at Pt England School. I found out she likes to do lots of work so I'm thinking that whilst the other children are at camp her brain is expanding even further.
    Mr Fletcher, Weymouth Primary School


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