Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Being The Only Year Six At School Day One

This is Tuesday the 15th of November, this is the day that all of the year six's go to Kawau Island for camp except for me and my cousin Mary,Jessica and my friends Caroline,Makalita and Vanessa. My other friend Serena is gone to Kawau Island with the other year six's for camp, it is kind of lonely with her not around.Now some of my friends and cousins want to go to camp now even me but I am not allowed to go because of my skin its get worse in the summer season.
Today at school I was in room eighteen.All of the people that did no go to camp had to be in room eighteen with Mr Slade.
It was a bit lonely being the only year six's at school.Also the work was so boring because it wasn't that much fun.At least I am still with most of my friends.I want to go to a different class but I don't want to be a bad girl so I am going to stay in room eighteen even if it is going to be boring.

We will be doing painting and playing Ripper Rugby tomorrow.

This is day 1 being the only year six's at school.

I will be back to post what happen in day two see you next time.

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  1. Hi Alex,

    Come for a visit to Room13 if it gets too lonely being the only year sixes at school. I'm sure we can find something exciting for you to do. :-)
    Miss King


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