Sunday, November 27, 2011

My Cousins Brithday

This is a photo of the birthday bot making a funny face.Sorry if this photo is bad.

Yesterday on Saturday the 26th of November was my cousin Shazza he is a boy and was turning five years old.Me my mum,dad,and bothers also there friends and cousin went to the birthday late.When we got there it was already finish, but there was lots of food left I only ate butter chicken and rice it was really nice.I couldn't finish it all because I already finish eating sushi.

I took my netbook so I can Take a photo of the birthday boy and I did get to take a photo of the birthday boy Shazza.It was starting to get boring so I went and asked my cousin Mary if she wanted to play and she said "yes but you are in".We were playing with a small balloon with water in it.I was looking for Mary,but when I couldn't find her I went to my dad and asked are we going home now and he said "yes".

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