Thursday, November 17, 2011

Being The Only Year Six At School Day Three

This is Thursday the 17th of November this is the third day being the only year six's at school.Today we did a lot of painting it was really cool.Until we started getting in trouble by Mr Slade.Some of us were playing around with the paint and painting anything.

Some of us got paint on the deck and the deck had lots of paint on it because people were mostly playing round with the paint.(It wasn't me that was playing around with the paint).I was doing my third code of withe and the paint was taking for ever to dry, so I had to wait for it to dry.As I was waiting I touched it to see if it was dry but it wasn't so I diced to just put my paint colours on.

After lunch time Mr Slade told us that we had to clean the deck because there was paint all over the deck and to clean the the class room I was picking up the rubbish and putting up the chairs with my cousin Jessica.People were scrubbing the paint off the deck.When we were all finish the home bell rang and we were allowed to go home.

I don't know what we are going to do tomorrow.

But I will tell you, see you next time.

Day 3 being the only year six's at school.

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  1. Wow Alendria,
    you look so happy. I love the way how you smile.

    Keep the good work up


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